30 x 32 Inch Contemporary Bathroom/Vanity LED Mirror with Touch Button, Anti-Fog, Dimmable and Colour Tuneable LEDs

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Contemporary Bathroom/Vanity Adjustable LED Mirror with Touch Button. The LED Mirror comes equipped with all the essential features needed for contemporary usage. Users can intuitively adjust the ambience for their desire through the touch button. The mirrors come equipped with anti-fog technology to ensure clarity in the bathroom.

Users can adjust the colour tuneable LEDs between different environments:

Warm White (3000k)
Daylight (4000k)
Cool White (6400k).


Shape: Square
Mirror: 5mm copper free silver mirror
Defogger: Standard
Dimmable: Yes
Body: Metal
Light Temperature: 3000K + 4000K + 6400K
Certification: UL & CSA Standard
Lit: Front Lit & Side Lit