Balboa Moka Ceramic Wood Tile is a sophisticated flooring solution that replicates the luxurious beauty of mahogany hardwood. With deep reddish brown tones, subtle knots, and graining, this tile exudes timeless elegance. It offers a perfect blend of opulence and affordability, making it an ideal choice for both residential and commercial spaces. Its scratch and water-resistant properties ensure durability, making it suitable for busy households.

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Balboa Moka Ceramic Wood Tile: Embracing Timeless Mahogany Beauty

Embracing Mahogany Beauty

Balboa Moka Ceramic Wood Tile, a gem from the Balboa Collection, mirrors the grandeur of mahogany hardwood. Its deep reddish browns, adorned with subtle knots and graining, evoke a sense of timeless elegance. Envelop your space in the richness of Moka, creating an atmosphere that resonates with warmth and sophistication.

Luxury Within Reach

Indulge in the lavish charm of mahogany without the extravagant price tag. Balboa Moka Ceramic Wood Tile offers affordability without compromising on style. Its mahogany-inspired design adds a touch of regal allure to your interiors. Experience the fusion of opulence and budget-friendly choices, elevating your spaces with a sumptuous yet economical solution.

Beauty Built to Last

Immerse yourself in the marriage of beauty and durability. This wood tile not only exudes grandeur but also demands minimal maintenance. With its scratch and water-resistant features, it is tailored for lively households, where children and pets roam freely. Enrich your floors, accent walls, backsplash, and countertops with this chic and enduring solution, offering both style and resilience in every plank.

Attribute Details
Primary Color(s) Beige
PEI Rating 3 (Suitable for Light to Moderate Traffic)
Style Wood
Tile Type Glazed
Shade Variations V3 (Moderate Variation)
Environmental Greenguard Gold, USGBC/LEED Certified