CGC Sheetrock Drywall Paper Joint Tape, 2-1/16 in x 500 Ft. Roll


CGC and SYNKO reinforcing tapes add strength and crack resistance for smooth concealment of flat joints and inside corners. A special high-strength fibre paper tape for use with CGC & SYNKO joint compounds in reinforcing joints and corners in gypsum drywall and veneer plaster finish interiors. Exceptional wet and dry strength; resists stretching, wrinkling and other distortions; lies flat and resists tearing under tools. The tape is lightly sanded for increased bond and lies flat for easy concealment, is positively center creased which simplifies application in corners.

-For reinforcing drywall joints and inside corners
-Accurately centre creased to improve corner treatment
-Excellent lateral strength
-Available in Eastern Canada. Product codes may vary by region. In Western Canada ask for SYNKO Drywall Tape.

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