Complete bathtub and shower base surround kit

The Schluter®-KERDI-BOARD-KIT combines all of the necessary components to waterproof the walls of your bathtub and acrylic shower base using waterproof building panels.

KERDI-BOARD panels are applied directly to stud framing.
Kit covers up to 101 ft² (9.4m²) of wall area.
Eliminates need for gypsum and cement board.
Waterproof and vapor tight to prevent mold growth.
Quick and easy to install.
Includes ½”x 48” x 38” (1.25 cm x 122 cm x 97 cm) KERDI-BOARD waterproofing panels, KERDI waterproofing band, pipe and mixing valve seals, screws and washers, plus 290 ml of KERDI-FIX sealant in bright white.

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