Duero Grey (HL) Ceramic Tiles bring contemporary charm to your walls. With a sleek matt finish and measuring 300 x 600 mm, these tiles are perfect for bathrooms and kitchens. Each box, weighing 42.77 lbs, contains 5 pieces covering 9.7 sq feet, offering both style and durability.

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Transform Your Spaces with Duero Grey (HL) Ceramic Tiles

Contemporary Charm for Your Walls Experience the allure of modern design with our Duero Grey (HL) Ceramic Tiles. Measuring 300 x 600 mm, these tiles exude sophistication with a sleek matt finish. Whether adorning your bathroom or enhancing your kitchen walls, these ceramic gems effortlessly blend style and functionality. The subtle grey tone imparts a calming ambiance, making these tiles perfect for both residential and commercial spaces.

Design Flexibility Redefined The Duero Grey (HL) series offers endless design possibilities.

Packaged conveniently with 5 pieces per box, covering 9.7 sq feet, these ceramic_12x24 tiles empower your creativity. Redefine your bathroom walls or create an enchanting kitchen backsplash; these tiles adapt to your visions seamlessly. Their easy installation ensures a polished look, adding contemporary charm to your spaces.


Superior Quality, Lasting Elegance Crafted from top-tier ceramic, these tiles marry aesthetics with durability.

At 9.0 mm thickness and a weight of 42.77 lbs per box, they stand resilient against daily wear. Each box contains 5 tiles, transforming 9.7 sq feet of your space into a haven of elegance. Elevate your interiors with the timeless appeal of Duero Grey (HL) Ceramic Tiles, where quality meets enduring beauty.



Material Ceramic
Size 300 x 600 mm
Finish Matt
Thickness 9.0 mm
Weight per Box 42.77 lbs
Pieces per Box 5
Area per Box 9.7 sq feet
Applicable On Wall, Backsplash