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Our mission is to provide you with the
supplies to make your dream projects come to life.


Builders Bliss is committed to being your one stop shop for all your construction and design needs. We carry a large variety of materials for the work that goes on behind the wall and unique designs to compliment the aesthetics of your projects in front of the wall.

We started as a group of 3 individuals who come from a construction background and felt there was a better way that we could help our customers and fellow contractors obtain the materials they needed for their project. After a few long months of planning and the late-night runs, Builder Bliss is ready to serve you!

Whether you are an architect, interior designer, individual homeowner or property manager, our team at Builders Bliss can provide you variety of innovative material, colours and styles to help you achieve the right look for your project.


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"We focus educating our customers when it comes to the feasibility of using different materials to achieve a design goal."